Last year I met my business partner Hailey Coxon at Rise Cycle Studio. We connected through our love of all things health. Our passion lies in educating people on how to nourish themselves on every level - mind body and soul.

So Powersoul was born!

We started out running our 4 hour event at Rise and have since branched out to pop up at various venues in Liverpool. Soon to be in London, we are so excited to keep growing our family of powersoulers. 

Check out my event page to see what we have coming up and for bookings

So what happens at a Powersoul event?




We kick off the day with a high powered hiit or spin class (depending on the venue) with my soul sister Hailey Coxon. She is amazing at what she does and keeps you motivated throughout your training with words of encouragement.

I love to DJ so my banging house tunes also add to the class to keep you going when times get tough (or sweaty). It doesn't matter if you've never done a class like this before - you can take it at your own pace and we'll guide you through so you feel safe.


Once we've had time to freshen up from the workout it's time to nourish our bodies with healthy snacks and drinks. 

I've had a passion about plant based living for many years and Hailey is a trained nutritionist so we love to share our stories and demo what we've learned works for us. There's plenty of time to sample and ask questions as we encourage connection and socialising between all our guests to make you feel at home.


After the high energy of the day, we like to bring it all back to what matters most - the internal world. To do this I guide our guests through a flowing yoga practice and meditation, planting seeds of self love and empowered living. All levels are welcome and we have first time practitioners right up to advanced yogis attend our events. Once you come back down to earth, we round up the day with socialising, music and kombucha!

We would love to welcome you to one of our events soon, currently running in Liverpool and London - go to my events page for details or contact me for further information

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