Women's Circles and Womb Yoga

I started incorporating the womb yoga practices into my women's circles a few months back and I'm absolutely loving facilitating these gatherings.

Each one has sold out as I limit the space to 15 women so that we are not rushed for time in the sharing circle.

It feels so nourishing to be surrounded by such beautiful goddesses and hear them share, laugh, cry and connect more deeply to the processes in their own bodies as well as with each other.

The next event is Sunday September 1st, then I plan to do 4 consecutive Sundays from the end of September so that we can delve deeper into the practices and open more to the group. These are such powerful teachings and I feel so humble and grateful that I get to share them. Thank you to all the women who have attended so far.

The manual book for the training I attended is Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. Uma is an incredibly inspiring Woman and I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to learn more about the capacity we have as women and the deep inner wisdom that we hold in our bodies and in our cycles.

Check out my event page for what events I have coming up.

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