Womb Yoga training in Portugal

Last month I travelled to Portugal to complete my well woman/womb yoga teacher training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli, author or the incredible book Yoni Shakti.

If you are a yoga teacher and work with women then I would highly recommend reading this book! The knowledge that I learnt from the book and from the course has quite literally changed my life - I'll never teach in the same way again.

I had the most incredible time immersed in the beautiful nature of the portuguese hills at Gravito, Pedragao Grande. Swimming in the river Pere every day and surrounded by such amazing yogini sisters who made the whole week so special.

I've never felt healing like it! and I hope to be able to hold spaces like this for woman in the future as I want for every woman to experience the transformative power of sisterhood.

I've started running monthly womb yoga workshops in Liverpool along with my women circles - to find out when the next one is check out my event page.

I'll be posting lots more about what womb yoga is and how it can benefit your life as a female

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