New Year Intentions

It's new years eve. A time for reflection and setting intentions for the next 12 months.

I don't like to set resolutions as I read somewhere that 80% of resolutions fail before February! So the last few years I've instead just decided on a theme for my year.

Last years was shadow work. My intention was to keep doing the work and looking inward at the parts of myself that I'd been denying.

I had a lot come up for me last year, some things that were definitely related to my shadow! But what I learnt was that the darkness is where we find our power. It's possible that a situation could start out as our hardest test, yet we end up seeing it as a blessing that brings with it so much growth and evolution. That's what last year represented to me and I actually had one of the best years I've ever had.

So what's my intention for 2019? Action.

No more time to waste in playing it small or worrying about what other people think. 2018 was spent wading through the shadow and learning, but we can't just sit in that. It's time to let the darkness motivate us into action.

If I'm honest, I've had a lot of anxiety in the latter part of this year about the state of the planet. Pollution, climate change, inequality, separation, dishonesty, consumerism etc..and I really did feel hopeless that we as humans had gone too far and that we can't come back from the damage we've caused to the planet, to the animals and to ourselves. But no matter how hopeless I or anyone else feels, we have to take action on our beliefs. Thats what this year represents to me.

If we ALL took responsibility for our lives, overcame the fear of failing or the insecurity of what other people think of us (I'm talking mainly to myself here) then we CAN make positive changes and move forward to a bright future.

Sure it's nice to set a resolution to lose a few pounds, go on holiday or buy a new car (and I'm not saying NOT to do those things) but if we don't take action to help each other and the planet then there'll be nowhere left to do any of these things!

I hadn't planned for this post to become a call to action to be honest. I was just sharing my own feelings as we transition into a new year. But if anybody else is feeling the same and wants to join me with this intention then get in touch and let's do this together!

Or let me know what you have planned for the next 12 months.

Happy new year everyone

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