Episode 8 - Self Love and Manifesting with Gina Swire

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Chatting to self love coach Gina Swire about her journey of learning to manifest and coaching women on living the life of their dreams.

Gina's background is in modelling so in this episode we talk about her jouney from comparing herself to others and never feeling 'enough' to now being a 'master manifester'. Gina coaches women on finding what's in alignment for them in order to live a life that feels good on the inside. She shares her tips on vision boarding and clearing out what's stopping you from calling in what you desire.

What we cover :-

-Growing up with a lack of confidence

-The modelling industry

-The reality of being a plus size model

-Self sabotage in relationships

-The journey to self love

-Learning to love your body

-Followng the 'cosmic breadcrumbs'

-Vision boarding


-Self acceptance

-Running a coaching business


-Overcoming fear

-Finding what's in alignment for you

-Self care routines

-Tips for expanding into self love

Follow Gina Instagram : @ginaswire Website : ginaswire.com Facebook : Infinite self love group

Get in touch Instagram : @thisiswomanhood Email : thisiswomanhood@gmail.com

References Ask and it is given - book How to create a vision board Patricia Lohan Regan Hillyer Manifesting self love course

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