Episode 7 - Conscious pregnancy, hypnobirthing, motherhood and running a plant based cafe with April

Chatting to April Wild about her motherhood journey, conscious pregnancy, hypnobirthing and setting up a plant based cafe.

April is a mother to 3 (almost, as she was 38 weeks pregnant when we recorded this podcast!), creator of the plant based cafe Wild and Wild in Cheshire and does so much amazing work with women through pregnancy yoga, womb yoga, womens circles, being a doula, blessingways and so much more. In this episode we are chatting about all things motherhood and her journey to being a plant based power house and conscious mama.

What we cover:

- Finding the spiritual path

- Hypnobirthing

- Being a doula

- Empowered birth

- Motherhood

- Sadhana practice and self observation

- Pregnancy yoga

- Postnatal period and the importance of rest

- Womens circles

- Menstrual health

- Blessingways

- Plant based lifestyle

- Setting up a vegan cafe

- Running a business

- Positive birth groups

- Breastfeeding

If you'd like to know more about April or the work that she does and to visit her plant based cafe follow her on social media -

Instagram : @wildandwildcafe / @aprildawnwild Facebook : April Dawn Yoga / Wild and Wild Cafe Website : aprildawnyoga.com / wildandwild.co.uk

Contact me -

Instagram : @thisiswomanhood Email : thisiswomanhood@gmail.com

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