Episode 6 - Sacred Orgasmic Living with Acqua

In this Episode I'm over in Bali chatting to Acqua about living a sacred orgasmic life.

Acqua is the creator of Sacred Orgasmic Living brand and Sacred Orgasmic Dance. Shes a designer, mother, yoga, dance and tantra teacher and is the most well traveled person I've ever met. Acqua has been touring the World for the last 6 years as a single mother with her beautiful son Ocean. We talk about where her exotic journey began, how sacred orgasmic living was created, how she manages her travels with her son and how she lives an orgasmic and abundant life.

What we cover :

- Acquas backgroundBeing in the business/corporate sector

- Travelling the World

- Relationships, marriage and divorce

- Sacred sexuality

- Tantric training and life in a tantric community

- Bodywork training and letting go of trauma

- Living at the Osho Ashram

- Motherhood

- Opening to abundance and fully trusting in life

- Body image

- Divine Masculine

- Living a sacred orgasmic life

If you would like to get in touch with Acqua, find out more about her work or register onto her courses then follow the links below:

www.sacredorgasmicdance.com www.abundanceiamready.com

Follow her on Social Media:

Instagram - @acquaandocean Youtube - Sacred Orgasmic Living TV Clothing brand - Nomad Shamanika Etsy Shop

Get in touch with me here :

Instagram - @thisiswomanhood Email - thisiswomanhood@gmail.com

References Brian Weiss Books Eckhart Tolle Osho

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