Episode 5 - Spiritual Gypsy Life with Emma Salvado

Emma is wonderful mother, wife, business owner and yoga teacher, living on the beautiful island of Bali. In this episode I'm chatting to Emma about where life began for her and what led her to where she is today.

We talk about how difficult it was growing up in Ireland and how she's now created a beautiful life from heartache, grief and what were some very tough times in her childhood.

What we cover:

- Her religious upbringing

- Dealing with loss and grief

- Abuse in childhood

- Two pregnancies at different stages of life

- Finding yoga when pregnant

- How her yoga practice has evolved

- Emma's daily practice

- Relationships

- Working with women as a doula, midwife and yoga teacher

- Life in Bali

Emma is also a jewelery designer for her brand Spiritual Gypsy, which you can find more info about on her page.

Find Emma here: Instagram - @spiritualgypsylife Website - www.liveinspiredyoga.com

Get in touch with me: Instagram - @thisiswomanhood Email - thisiswomanhood@gmail.com


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