Episode 3 - From model to fighter to mother with Jess Lewis

Jess Lewis talks about her journey as a model, professional fighter and her transition to motherhood. We talk about her arthritis diagnosis and how she healed herself naturally, as well as her spiritual journey, plant medicines and how that's led to building her businesses and studying shamanism.

What we cover :

Jess's journey from modeling to professional fighting Self development and building confidence Arthritis and natural healing Plant medicines Motherhood Attachment parenting Anxiety and fear in pregnancy Birthing Post natal period Being a single parent Shamanism and the native american medicine wheel

If you'd like to get in touch with Jess or attend her events you can find her here:

Gathering of minds The shipibo market

Instagram :

@iam_jesse_om @gatheringofminds @theshipibomarket

Get in touch :

Instagram: @thisiswomanhood

Email: thisiswomanhood@gmail.com

References Priscilla Dunstan on Oprah Baby signing

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