Episode 2 - Sex, pleasure and intimacy with Sarah Rose Bright

In this episode I speak to Sarah Rose Bright about all things sex.

Sarah has been working as a sex, pleasure and intimacy coach for over 15 years. We talk about the common themes she sees with her clients and how you can find vitality through reconnecting to this part of your life.

Topics covered:

-What led Sarah to this work

-Common themes she comes across in her coaching

-Finding language around sexuality

-Why sex is seen as a taboo subject

-Sexological Bodywork

-How to find pleasure in your life

-How sensuality can be a part of your every day life

-Jade egg practices

-Breast massage and the many benefits

-How to start loving yourself and your body through pleasure

If any of what we talk about resonates then please do get in touch.

You can find Sarah here:

sarahrosebright.co.uk Facebook Instagram Youtube Email :


References Sarah's V-life course Sarah's 'Ignite the erotic' course FPA | Relationships and sex education 3 minute game 'Pussy - A reclamation' Book Jade egg information Sexological Bodywork

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