Episode 1 - The power of imperfection with Samara Morris

In this episode I'm chatting to Samara Morris, creator of Artogi - A creative lifestyle brand that brings art to life through yoga mats and wellness events for a better mindset. Sam also runs coaching plans for women and is passionate about promoting the power of imperfection in a world that seems to demand perfection on every level.

Sam has been on an incredible healing journey of her own. She had a freak accident back in 2014 where she was told she would never walk again. We talk about her road to recovery, how she is now feeling better than ever and is doing great work to support other women on their own journeys.

Sam is also an incredible photographer, so we discuss her views on retouching, the damaging effects that social media is having on women and how her work has evolved into showcasing the power of imperfections.

We cover everything from:

Physical recovery

Mental health

Healing the mind body and spirit

The power of the present


Samara's coaching plans



Dangers of social media

The power of imperfection

If you would like to get in touch with Samara and find out more about her work then follow the links below:




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The power of now book

Optimum nutrition for the mind book

Why we sleep book

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