9. Creativity as an embodied practice with Clare Beloved

Chatting to Clare Beloved - an artist, wife, creatrix and all round beautiful human about the realness and messiness of women's work.

We talk about how we can not only learn to sit in our shadow but to find power there and how toxic positivity does not serve anyone. Clare talks about how her creative process is linked to the menstrual cycle and how her work with marginalised communities has brought her the most richness throughout her extensive career.

We cover :

- Co dependency

- Abusive relationships 

- Feeling safe in love and relationships

- Finding freedom in yourself 

- Holding her first women’s circle 27 years ago

- Women’s work in prisons 

- Working in schools with young girls and educating about the menstrual cycle

- Painting as therapy 

- The creative process and how it links to the menstrual cycle

- Community projects 

- Oppression of the new age ‘spiritual’ community 

- How the trans community can work with the cycles 

- Toxic positivity 

- The constraints of Patriarchy and capitalism 

- Inclusivity for the trans community 

- Finding magic when working with marginalised demographics/groups 

- Finding your true authenticity and welcoming diversity 

- Cultural appropriation and spiritual bypassing 

- The richness of being your full self and sitting in all of your emotions 

- Having the crones as your role models 

- The messiness and real ness of womanhood

- Acknowledging shadow 

- Using expression to navigate big emotions and as a daily practice  

- Women who run with the wolves circles

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